About Us

Comfort inn hotel suites group based in Riyadh was founded in 2007our goal is to provide outstanding service , upscale and distinct, we provide services for the modern traveler through our through our distinct experience in the hospitality industry and through the skilled labor who available for us.


Comfortinn Taawn

KSA , Riyadh , Taawn exit 6 Abo-BakrSedik ST in front of panda market

Tel0114545100  -  0114941070  -  0114941090 .

Fax: 011 4941080   p.o. box 7047 code 12477

Comfortinn Yarmoukh

KSA, Riyadh , exit 8 damam road ,abo jafar el mansour St. beside el fahs el dawry  bridge

Tel:  0114004638 –  0114007315 

Fax:  0114007205

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